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    How to setup the Airpush 360 abstract banner on my site?

    Eager to set up the Airpush 360 abstract banner at your blog or website? Know if this is possible to do so and if yes then how to install it correctly & monetize your site.

    I have a few queries with relation to the Airpush 360 abstract banner:
    1. Can I set it up on my blog or website?
    2. If so, how to set it up?
    3. Subsequently, how to check whether or not I set it up properly?
    4. How can I earn more money by setting up the Airpush ad banner?
  • Answers

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  • Airpush 360 abstract banner is not for website or blog it is mobile advertising banner for android app.

    Know What is Airpush-
    Air push has won "Top Innovator in Advertising Data"award at 2014 DataWeek Conference and it is Ranked 2nd in Forbes list of "Most Promising Companies". Airpush provides Ads on 150000 apps and world's leading advertisers rely on Airpush. It was founded in 2010. It also has office in India, Banglore.

    So its not for blog or website. And you can not set it up on your blog or website and hence can not earn money from it.

  • Using Airpush 360 abstract banner on the pages where AdSense ads are running will violate any AdSense ToS?
    Because the abstract ad covers the AdSense ad while scrolling.

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