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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging

    Wondering whether blogging has any concrete benefits? Learn about the pros and cons of blogging and whether it is a reliable source of income.

    There are many bloggers around, some of them expert in Tech related blogging and some of them in their relevant professional blogging. Among many, only few of them are regular and earning a bit. However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging? Can we rely on this field for an income? Is there any other potential benefit from blogging? Kindly advice.
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  • Advantages of Blogging
    1. You get enough time for yourself. You can give more time to yourself and your family.
    2. You can remain energetic whole day. No traveling for office and no boss of yours. You are your own boss.
    3. You can work as you like. No one can bound you or order you. You can do your work as you like at any time.
    4. If you sell things or service you can make available to your clients all time. Best customer service you can provide.
    5. You can set your own revenue. As much as you give time and do your job nicely you can earn as much as you like.

    Disadvantages of Blogging
    1. Alone all time. If you are full time blogger you have no colleagues, no co-workers and you are always alone.
    2. If you are full time blogger and not earning enough you have to struggle with economic conditions.
    3. You can not work when you are ill or outside. And no one there to carry on your work.

    If you want to relay on blogging, it is not very easy. You have to develop and organize your blog and you have to give time as well as money to do so. So you have to start it as a part-time and than when you are confident that now you can earn enough with your blogging you can leave your job.

  • Advantages of blogging

    Starting a new business
    Though blogging starts off as a hobby, it has a great business potential in it. Though it cannot termed typical, there are examples of many bloggers who earn more than from a corporate job. This is possible when you start a blog on what you specialise in.
    Attract people to your existing business
    A blog can become a great source of attracting people to your existing business. Rather than having a static website, a blog which is updated with regular information can attract clients to your business. This will make you be treated an expert in the field concerned.
    Become a good writer
    Since blogging involves a lot of writing - pages after pages- on a daily basis, it will hone the writer in you. The more you write, the more professional the writer in you will become.
    Gain knowledge in your field
    Since you are propelled by the need to update your blog on a daily basis, you will keep searching for information. This will help you gain more and more knowledge in your field.
    Helping people
    You help people with their problems through your blog. You can educate the larger audience with tips on how to lose weight, raise children or make money online. Blogging is an effective medium to educate or inspire people and to bring like-minded people together.

    Disadvantages of blogging

    Weaker memory
    Bloggers just center themselves on their blogs. They don't remember the other personal things they have to do. People begin scratching their heads when asked about anything other than the blogs.
    They can spend hours and hours together before their system screens, but will not be interested in doing other things physical. This may result in health issues later on.
    Social life
    The actual social life is destroyed almost completely. Hanging out or going on holiday does not appeal to some of them. They move more and more away from family and social circles.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I only want to say a big YES, you can rely on the income of blogging. If you are passionate about blogging, If you are a good content writer, if you can understand the interest of your reader, then you can certainly create great articles and increase the traffic of your blog. There are many exemplary people who are living depending on the income of their blog. Like them, you can make good cash from blog too. For advantage and disadvantage of blogging, I think, above mention points are enough.

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