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  • Is there any problem of using power banks for a smartphone

    Want to know if using a power bank for a smartphone will affect its functioning? Know the true facts vs myths about power banks usage for smartphones.

    I recently came to know from my friend's circle that there is a smartphone's life can be affected in case we use its related Power Bank while travelling. I would like to know if this is true and also the pros and cons of using power banks for a smartphone.
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  • Power bank is used to charge your mobile phone in emergency. If you are traveling, or if you are in remote location where there is regular power failure you can use power bank. But always check your smartphone manual guide before buying power bank. So you will come to know what capacity powerbank you need. mAh capacity can also be known by checking your smartphone battery.

    1. As per search on internet Power bank from branded company are always advise able to buy.
    2. Always buy Li-poly cells Power bank
    3. Avoid Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer used Power bank

    Power bank do not effect your Smartphone' s life. Try to use branded and standard Power banks as mention below

    Mi Power Bank
    10400mAh; L-ion; 2.1A
    Single USB
    Price Rs 999.00

    Adata PV110
    10400mAh; Li-ion; 1A
    Price : 2450.00

    Portronics Charge
    12000mAh; Li-ion
    Price : Rs 2,900

  • One should pay attention to certain things when buying a power bank. Let me list out a few. -
    Dont Go for Cheaper Ones
    Cheaper power banks normally use refurbished batteries. As stated in the above response, go for a branded device with warranty.
    Capacity You Need
    Dont just go for higher capacity power banks. They may even not be suitable for your device. Buy the one that meets your requirements.
    Check connectors
    Using connectors that are not original may damage your charging point on the phone. It may also cause short circuit. Using original connector will ensure stable output from the power bank.
    Analyse Features
    Ensure the power bank has some features that are safe for your device. Make sure the power bank has Short circuit protection, Over charging protection and temperature protection.
    UL certification
    The power bank you sholud have UL certification, or any kind of quality certification that applies to your region. It will ensure that the device you are buying is of standard quality.
    If you follow all these tips and take extreme care while selecting a power bank, it will not damage your device.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You are right to say that we have many disadvantages as well as some advantages while using Portable Power Banks. I have listed them below. Go through the details given below to know more:

    Advantages of using a power bank

    • It helps you to charge your device even when you don't have electricity.
    • It charges your device in very less time.
    • It can be re-charged via laptops or in cars while traveling.

    These were some of the advantages of using a portable power bank for charging your device.

    Disadvantages of of Using a power bank

    • Sometimes it becomes a disadvantage while we use a power bank to charge our device even when its battery is fully charged. When we do so, it makes the battery to swell up and thus decreasing its lifetime.
    • If we need to get a good quality power bank for our smartphone then you will not get it at a cheaper price.
    • Some power banks are really heavy and bulky.
    • As there are already a lot of wires coupled around laptops and tablets, so if you will include a power bank to it then it will all look a mess.

    These were some of the disadvantages of using power banks for your device.


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  • No there is no problem in using power banks for smartphones. There are so many advantages in using power banks such as given below:
    1) You can charge your smartphone on the move.
    2) You can charge your phone when there is no current in your apartment.
    The main problems faced are:
    1) Unknown and brand less power banks can cause harm to your device adversely.
    2) Constant use of the power banks can ruin both your power bank and your smartphones.

  • If you think that there is any problem while using power banks for a smartphone than you are wrong.
    Because power bank is used to recharge the battery of smartphone when there is no place for charging.

    I think that your power bank is not charging your smartphone.

    To solve this problem you can buy a new power bank from various online sites like:

    If there is any other problem while using the power bank then you can send the problem to us and we will try to solve your problem.

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