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  • Facebook tips and tricks for group members and pages

    Want to know the limits for Facebook friends and groups and how to get them to like your pages? Get expert tips and learn a few tricks.

    How to invite my Facebook friends and Facebook group members by one click to like my Facebook page or join my Facebook group? I would also like to know if there is any friend limit on Facebook and similarly if is there any group limit on Facebook.
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  • According to me, the best methods to increase the number of members on your Facebook group are given below:

    • Ask your all the Facebook friend to join it.
    • Make a public status for your group, but don't forgot to mention about your group in attractive words.
    • Help the members to get to your group by the click-able link so that they can easily join or be a part of it.

    As per many people uses Facebook so the best method to get or increase the members on your group will be to make a public status about it by describing about your group in attractive words.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Though you cannot just keep inviting friends and others to join your group. This will cause Facebook to impose a ban on you. Try following the below mentioned steps -
    Choose a Perfect Name
    If you want to go popular, you need to have proper name. Don't just give a name straightaway. Come up with a few ideas, make a list, edit them and discuss with friends/ family for suggestions. Look for similar groups on Facebook and check what works for them.
    Motivate your friends to invite their friends
    Ask your existing friends to join your group. Encourage them to invite their friends to join. Since the Facebook friends typically share the same interests, it should be a great idea to increase the number of members. But take care not to be nagging. Requesting once or twice must be enough.
    Publish content that can go popular
    Posting content that has the potential of going viral is one of the most important needs. Keep track of current Internet and social networking trends and present a good content on it. Make sure to make it share-able.
    As a final point, though, I would remind you that there is nothing like overnight success. Facebook gives an opportunity to grow your groups gradually. Don't just rush.

    Live....and Let Live!

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