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    How to unlock Idea 3G Net Setter E303D

    Want to know how to unlock Idea 3G Net Setter E303D? Then in this ask expert thread, you can know the details for unlocking Idea net setter.

    I am unable to unlock Idea 3G net setter E303D. I also tried the given method in the below link :-

    So, if any one of you have idea about how to unlock the above mentioned Idea dongle then please help me.
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  • Here is, how to unlock any Idea Modem online free of cost :
    1. Go to this site -
    2. On the landing page, enter the IMEI code of your Idea Net Setter in the blank box.
    3. Now click on the Calculate button. It will give you the Unlock code for your net setter. Copy it.
    4. Then insert any unsupported SIM card in the net setter and connect it into the computer. Now it will ask for the unlock code. Paste the unlock code here and press enter.
    That's all. Your Idea modem is unlocked now.

  • The above method should work easily on your dongle. In any case, if it does not work, here is an alternative.
    Step 1
    Download Huawei E303D Firmware patcher. You can get it from the link Make sure you have the latest version of the patcher.
    Step 2
    Connect your netsetter via USB port. Make sure no SIM is inserted in the dongle.
    Step 3
    Wait till the required drivers are installed by the system.
    Step 4
    Run the patcher downloaded in step 1. Wait till it detects your netsetter.
    Step 5
    Click on IUnlock button. The unlocking process will be initiated. The carrier restrictions will be undone and firmware will be patched.
    Step 6
    Once completed, unplug your netsetter and check whether it is unlocked by using another SIM.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I am here to provide you with the tutorial for unlocking your Idea Netsetter E303D. You just need to follow the steps given below carefully so as to unlock your Idea Netsetter E303D successfully.

    • First step is to download the latest Huawei Firmware patcher (2014) app on your PC from web.
    • After getting the firmware patcher tool on your PC, you need to just insert your ID netsetter E303D in your PC through the USB slot. And you must make sure that there is no SIM is inserted in the dongle.
    • Now you need to wait till the drivers get automatically installed on your PC.
    • After connecting your dongle to your PC, open the downloaded Idea netsetter unlock tool and then it will automatically detect your dongle through the COM port.
    • Now you need to just hit of to the unlock button which will be available for you on the right bottom side and then wait till the firmware gets patched.
    • This process will remove the barrier restriction and after the completion it will display a dialog box which will be telling you about "Success".
    • Now you need to close the Patcher app and then disconnect your dongle from PC.
    • Now plug in your Idea netsetter again on your PC with different SIM card and you will find that your dongle is successfully unlocked. So now you may use any SIM card in it.


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