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  • How to monetize my web based Android app by Google AdSense?

    Eager to earn AdSense revenue from your Android app? Learn from experts if this is possible and if so how to do so.

    I have just created my first web based Android App i.e "MechanicaDuniya". I want to monetize it with Google AdSense. I have my Google AdSense already approved and am using it for blogs.

    Can I monetize my web based Android App with Google AdSense? What is the procedure for it? Is it necessary to publish it on Google Play for monetisation?
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  • I don't think Google AdSense is available as a monetizing platform for Android apps. Instead, I suggest you to look into AdMob. AdMob is another product by Google that lets you monetize your mobile app with advertisements.

    AdMob is available for both Android and iOS and is the most trusted platform by developers all around the world.

  • You cannot monetize an Android App or Game with Adsense. But there are many other options available for App monitization. Some of the popular Ad networks are -
    1. AdMob - one of the best Ad network for monitizing smartphone Apps. Owned by Google.
    2. MoPub - another popular Ad network. It is a subsidiary of Twitter.
    3. Airpush.
    4. InMobi.
    5. StartApp.
    6. LeadBolt.

  • The best ways to monetise your apps include the following -

    Make your app a Paid version

    If your app is really popular, the best way would be to make your app a paid one. It has the advantage take of upfront cash per download.

    Mobile partnership

    You can think of securing partnership with well known brands. You can also think of simply getting your app sponsored by a major advertising firm. Please note it would be possible only if your app is of high quality and gets a good following.

    Sponsored contents

    Create some content sponsored by brands, like virtual gifts. A better example is Temple Run 2 which used Usain Bolt as a limited time character.

    In-app advertising

    Promoting an ad within your app is one of the best methods to get better monetisation. Sign up for an ad network, download their SDK , select the kind of ads you would like to employ and deploy the ad.

    Interstitial ads

    Interstitial ads are the ones that fill up your entire screen at specific strategic intervals. You can set it up to show ads when exiting the app, or at certain intervals.

    Banner ads

    These generate lesser revenue. Though they may be slightly looked down upon as spammy, they can generate good income.

    Use app walls

    App walls show multiple apps and could be good channel to generate a worthwhile revenue. They may not generate on the similar lines as Interstitials.

    Video ads

    Video ads attract highest CPMs. These are the biggest generators of revenue if employed properly.

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