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  • Has Flipkart made changes in its affiliate program commissions?

    Know about the recently did new changes in Flipkart Affiliate Program. Also get to know how to earn money through Flipkart affiliate program.

    I had registered for Flipkart Affiliate programs but didn't use a single link anywhere. Recently I got a mail from Flipkart that the commissions in the program have been increased and you can now generate 15% more revenue. I want to know the details of the latest Flipkart affiliate program and how to earn money from Flipkart Affiliate program?
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  • Flipkart changes its commission structure almost every month. You can find the current commissions on their affiliate webpage. Please note, they've also made changes to their requirements in order to make timely/proper payments. They've now started deducting tax for payments made via a 'Gift Voucher' as well. I recently was asked to add a PAN number in order to avoid 20% tax deduction. With a PAN number provided, they will deduct a tax amount of 10% on the commissions you earn.

    I am now planning to switch to Amazon for all my affiliate sales. Their commissions are not only higher but also affiliate friendly.

  • You can always check latest commission structure of Flipkart Affiliate programme on link mention below

  • Yes, Flipkart does frequently change their affiliate commissions for products purchased online on Flipkart website. Due to the entry of Amazon in Indian e-commerce market along with its lucrative affiliate program, Flipkart has been facing stiff competition. In fact, Amazon affiliate program offers much higher commission rates than Flipkart affiliate program and hence Flipkart has been forced to come up with new commission structures almost every alternate month. For bloggers, website owners, etc. Amazon affiliate partnership program is more profitable than the one offered by Flipkart.

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    Bhakti Savla

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