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  • Which is the best online shopping website - Flipkart or SnapDeal?

    Confused between best online shopping website? Then check this post to know which online shopping website is best between Flipkart and Snapdeal.

    While shopping on Flipkart, I found many items unavailable for shipping to various locations (pin codes). I have no experience in shopping with SnapDeal. So, I want to know which among the two is best to opt for online shopping. Also, Flipkart has been on the top of 2014 search trends. So, I am confused. Should I go for Flipkart or SnapDeal is better? Or there is even better option than these two?
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  • As per my far experience I think FlipKart will be the best choice to choose the best from FlipKart and SnapDeal as it have many number of customers for its product. It gives us many different types of products to buy. It deliverers our order with very less time.


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  • I guess this would be a hard to predict kind of query. Biggest player in e-commerce as of now is FlipKart with around 60% market share. Moreover, they are following an inventory based model. Snapdeal, which began with deals has now diversified into products. It follows marketplace model wherein it has zero inventory. For the matter of supremacy, they have their niche products and will be more better in their own niche space.
    As for my personal experience, I am more comfortable with FlipKart. With the wide range of products and reliability - I would treat them better than Snapdeal. However, this will just be a personal perspective. Snapdeal is not far behind in terms of reliability.

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  • To know who is better mainly one factor is considered and that is after sales service. Because selling can be performed by any. But after selling how you are handling customer complains that's the main thing.

    Warranty Handling:
    Product Warranty is provided by Manufacturers or Importers or their Authorized Service Providers. But we are not directly buying from Manufacturers or Importers or their Authorized Service Providers as we are buying from Snapdeal or Flipkart. We do not trust Manufacturers or Importers or their Authorized Service Providers. So we have more trust on Flipkart and Snapdeal. So it is duty of Flipkart and Snapdeal to provide this facility about warranty.

    In comparison Flipkart offers better warranty or replacement and customer service than Snapdeal. The customer service provided by Snapdeal is very poor.

    You can get response from Flipkart any day. Snapdeal might not even acknowledge your return complaint.

    So we can say Flipkart is better than Snapdeal

  • If you want to know which is the best online shopping website: or This depends upon the facility they provide us.

    If you ask from me I will suggest you that Flipkart is the best online shopping website because it provide better facility and they also take less time to deliver our products. So, according to me is the best online shopping website.

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