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  • How does DTSi technology in Bajaj bike's engine work?

    Want to know about the DTSi technology Bajaj bikes? Read this thread and know how does DTSi technology of Bajaj bike's engine work?

    We all know that Bajaj has introduced all bikes under DTSi technology name. I want to know, how does this new technology is different and superior compared to other? What are the changes required to be done in conventional engine to get DTSi technological engine? How many new bikes of Bajaj are also expected to be equipped with same technology?
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  • According to Bajaj, here is what DTSi means -
    DTSi stands for Digital Twin spark ignition. This technology uses two spark plugs to ignite the fuel mixture. This will help burning of the mixture inside the cylinder to be uniform. This will stop or eliminate the ignition lag normally observed in single spark plug engine.
    • Lesser vibration and noise.
    • Durability of engine parts.
    • Decreased fuel consumption.
    • No overheating.
    • Better engine start up in cold.

    • High nitrogen emission.
    • You need to replace both spark pluga if one gets damaged.
    • Relative cost is more compared to conventional engines.

    Vehicles with DTSi technology
    Bajaj has patented this technology in India. Vehicles incorporating this technology currently are Platina, XCD 125, XCD135, Discover150, Pulsar135,150, 180 etc.

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