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  • How to increase back links to our blog?

    Getting traffic to your website or blog can become much more easier if you get some good back links to your webpages or blog. Get tips to increase back links to your webpages from experts.

    We know that we can get more earnings from Google AdSense if we are having more traffic to our websites. One of the best way to get incoming visits or links is to have back links to our blog. And it is one of the features of SEO. How can we get more back links to our blog or website? What are the websites that allows us to do this?
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  • Backlinks helps to get more visitors to your page. The best way to get back link is write your post with high quality. If the visitor feels it was awesome, then they may add link of your post to their websites or blogs as backlinks. Attraction to your blog may depend on the heading of your post, contents and relevance. If your content is unique the possibility of getting back links is more. You can add back links for your post in Wikipedia for free. When ever you add the links of your post to WikiPedia, ensure that the topic covered in Wikipedia will have direct relation with your post. For example, if you are writing a movie review on your site, you can give link of your websites to Wikipedia by adding your comment about the movie on the article in Wikipedia about the particular movie. This is applicable for other types of article too. You can ask for bloggers who are dealing similar post of yours to give link to your pages on their sites and offer them, you will add their link on your site too by acquiring mutual benefits of backlinks.

  • You are correct in sense that more back links to our blog will increase the no. of visitors to our site. Here are some ways to increase the back inks:
    1. Blog commenting. You can comment on blogs in your niche to get back link.
    2. Writing guest posts on other blogs in your niche.
    3. By answering related questions at Yahoo answers etc.
    4. By creating social bookmarking pages for your site on Facebook, Google+, twitter etc.
    But remember nowadays Google is not much dependent on back links to decide the ranking of site. Nowadays if you are writing original and quality content then you will get good traffic. So do not waste your much time in these things instead concentrate on content and its quality.

    Sachin R. Kukale

  • Hi

    Yes you are right if you submit more link in your blog then you can Increase number of visitor in your blog.
    Please Follow the Instruction. Kindly read below
    First of all post more comment on your blog, Post good articles and recourse, post videos related question, then you can attract your visitors in your blog and can Increase your revenue share.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

  • Backlinks are very important to rank your website in Google or Search Engines. The more good and Quality backlinks you have, you will get the chance to rank well in Search Engine.

    Getting backlinks can be done by,
    1. Guest Posting
    2. Blog Commenting
    3. Directory Submission
    4. Bookmark Submission
    5. Web 2.0 sites

    Also apart from it, try to get get some Good Qualiy backlinks from .Gov and .Edu sites which will be very useful.

    Always concentrate on Good Quality backlinks than the Quanity of Backlinks.

    Live Your Life Your Way

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