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  • Upcoming smartphones and iPads from Apple in 2015

    Check out the upcoming smartphones, iPhones and iPads from Apple in 2015. Know what Apple is preparing for its users in 2015 year.

    I want to know about the upcoming smartphones and iPad from Apple. Since this company is launching the new devices within one year of the previous release, I want to go for the latest one. The recent success of iPhone 6 Plus might trigger an even better device from the Apple Inc. So please give me the list of upcoming smartphones and iPad from Apple in 2015.
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  • Apple has a tradition of introducing its next iteration of iPhone in the month of September. It has been observed to follow this ever since it launched iPhone in 2007. So we can expect as iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 in September this year. But there is no concrete proof or any kind of leak right now in this direction as of now.

    Will it be iPhone 6S or 7?

    For the past years Apple has been found to oscillate between a and as. So we may guess it to be 6S.


    There are rumors to suggest that Apple would release a 4 inch version along with the flagship, named 6S Mini or 7 Mini.
    Along with these rumors, there are also speculations about edge design akin to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone shares huge part of Apple's revenue. Apple strategy is to launch a new device in every one year window. It is common that Apple will launch their new iPhone September of every year. Rumors suggest that iPhone 7 will have dual lens camera to make the image quality equal as DSLR camera.

    We know Apple recently acquired Beats music. Some tech site reported that iOS 9 aka iPhone 7 will have Beats music streaming inbulid. As usual there will be some hardware upgrades possibly a new A9 processor.

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