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    Unable to browse the internet over the browser

    I am using an Android phone. There is a WiFi network around my house (it's not mine). I know the password of that network. But when I connect to the network I am not able to use the internet in the browser (it shows that I am connected to network). However, I am able to download the system updates, app from play store, and also I can download the data of some large games like asphalt 8 from the app, and also I can update my Google now cards. But I can't use Internet from the browser. What to do?
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  • I think that your browser settings are not set to use the WiFi network. Most of the browsers like opera, chrome are set to use the cellular network by default. So, you need to give the priority to the WiFi network in the Network settings of your browser to make it able to connect to the internet through WiFi connection.


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