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  • Income of driver from Uber India

    Want to use your vehicle for Uber taxi service & thus earn income? Check out the feedback and advice given at this page to know more about this earning opportunity with Uber.

    I understand Uber allows the people having a car can register and earn money for taxi service. Is that correct? I want to know if that service is available in India? If yes how much one can earn out of it? Say, I do two trips daily. I would like to have Uber users sharing their experience.
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  • As per the latest initiative from Uber after its ban was lifted, a driver registered with their site will be paid Rs. 3000 for logging to the application, even without any rides in Delhi.
    The driver needs to login to the Uber application for 12 hours in a day. He will also be paid Rs. 250 per ride if the bookings exceed Rs.3000. So it would mean Rs.90000 per month even without any booking. I am not sure whether this incentive is applicable for all regions or only for Delhi.

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