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  • How to make a spoof call (hide your identity while calling)?

    Want to make a spoof call? Read this thread and know how to hide your caller identity while making calls to others.

    How to place a spoof call i.e. hide your identity while calling so that receiver either can't see your contact details or receiver can see the fake details of caller which is difficult for anybody to track down the details of actual caller. Please suggest me any software or online service regarding the same.
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  • Once I was needed this service. I tried SpoofTel for this purpose. But this service is paid and it doesn't change the number instead it shows as 'unknown number'.

    If you really want to change the number try the trial version of the service first and then go for the paid service.

  • Try this services spoof call. But please remember miss use is illegal and you must be in trouble if you harass others for only enjoyment purpose.


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