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  • Which is the best data pack for internet is given by Idea Cellular?

    Want to know about the best 2G or 3G data packs provided by Idea cellular? Read this thread and know about the cheap internet packs from Idea.

    I am Idea Customer and do not know what are the current data packs for 2G and 3G. I have tried to get information from internet but did not find. If you are using such kind of economical and good data package for internet, please let me know.
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  • Here is the list of all !dea cellular data recharges available for prepaid users in Maharashtra circle. Since you have not mentioned your circle, it would be tough to provide exact denominations of the packs available.

    2G packs

    • 15 MB at Rs.5 for one day.
    • 25 MB at Rs.7 for 1 day.
    • 40 MB at Rs. 9 for 1 day.
    • 100 MB at Rs. 19 for 2 days.
    • 150 MB at Rs. 29 for 4 days.
    • 260 MB at Rs. 52 for 7 days.
    • 475 MB at Rs. 98 for 14 days.
    • 750 MB at Rs.151 for 21 days.
    • 1 GB at Rs. 179 for 28 days.
    • 1.25 GB at Rs. 198 for 28 days.
    • 3 GB at Rs. 248 for 28 days.

    3G packs

    • 30 MB at Rs. 8 for one day.
    • 75 MB at Rs. 19 for 2 days.
    • 120 MB at Rs. 29 for 3 days.
    • 200 MB at Rs.49 for 5 days.
    • 300 MB at Rs. 78 for 10 days.
    • 300 MB at Rs. 103 for 21 days.
    • 650 MB at Rs. 165 for 15 days.
    • 1 GB at Rs. 249 for 28 days.

    Apart from these packs, !dea also offers special WhatsApp and Facebook packs. WhatsApp packs are available at Rs. 39 for 30 days providing 200 MB of WhatsApp usage. Facebook packs are available at Rs. 1, 5, 7 and 31 for 3, 15, 70 and 200 MB usage valid for 1, 5,7 and 19 days respectively.
    Being an !dea user myself I use Rs 248 unlimited 2G pack (FUP after 3GB). Packs prices may differ slightly across different circles. Dial *800# from your !dea number to find plans available in your circle.

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  • If you want to know the best offer for internet data pack on Idea Cellular dial *121# and hit the 'Call' button. This will give you details on the best offers available for you.

    According to my needs, the best offers that suit me are:

    2G: 3GB data at 2G speeds at Rs 255 for 28 days.
    3G: 1GB data at 3G speeds at Rs 249 for 28 days.

  • Its very difficult to select the best Internet plan in Idea SIM as it offers you with many data plans. I am also using Idea SIM as it gives very good network in my area. And the best Internet plan which I like to use is:

    • Rs. 255>>Unlimited 2G>>3GB FUP.

    I am using it currently and I get the downloading speed around 15kbps and it gives a good surfing speed. So I would like to suggest with this and if you want to use just for one day than the best plan will be:

    • Rs. 8>>30MB>>1 DAY.


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