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    How to burn a CD on Desktop without any other software installed?

    Know how to burn a CD/DVD without using any CD burning software. Find all the details for how to burn a CD.

    How to burn a CD? Is it compulsory to have a Nero Smart or other device to be installed on your PC to burn a CD? I am getting 2 options after clicking on burn option but when I click on either option, it does not show any effect. Is there any problem in my CD/DVD. Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  • You have not mentioned which operating system you are using. I assume you have CD/DVD drive on your PC. I assume that you are either using Windows XP or Windows 7 and would try to explain the steps for burning a CD on these Operating systems.

    Points to be noted before beginning

    • The CD should be formatted before proceeding to copy files on it.
    • Create a folder with the files you want to copy to the CD beforehand. Files are needed to be copied all at once, you cannot copy one file now and another later.

    Burning CD on Windows XP

    Windows XP comes with built in CD copy feature. It is needed to be enabled before proceeding to burn the CD.
    How to enable the CD copy feature?
    • Open My Computer.
    • Right Click on CD Drive and select Properties.
    • Select Recording tab, select Enable CD recording on this drive and select Fastest for write speed.
    • Click OK.

    How to burn the CD?
    • Insert a CD-RW into CD drive.
    • Open My computer.
    • Go to the folder you want to copy, right click on them and select Copy.
    • Browse back to the CD Drive, right click and select Paste. The files will be saved as temporary files.
    • Select Write these files to CD on left panel.
    • CD Writing Wizard will appear. Change the disk name if you wish to and click Next.
    • The wizard will start writing files to CD and once done, the CD will be ejected.

    Burning CD on Windows 7

    Steps for burning a CD on Windows 7 are a bit simpler than on XP.
    • Insert the blank disc in CD Drive.
    • You may get a pop-up asking you which format you want on this disc. Select With CD/DVD player option, change the name of the disc to the one you prefer and click Next.
    • Browse to the folder/s you want to copy, select them and click Burn located above the panel
    • A new window will pop-up with your files/folders. Select Burn To Disc.
    • On the next Burn To Disc pop-up, check disc name, select maximum write speed and click Next.
    • You will be asked to select whether you want to burn the files as audio tracks or data. Select Make a data CD.
    • The wizard will complete burning and eject the CD.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It is not compulsory but software like Nero and Power ISO are intuitive and simple to use. There are many limitations in the default burner that comes with Windows. There are not many options available in Windows default burner like Nero and Power ISO. I recommend you to go for Power ISO since it has advanced features like virtual drives, Blu-ray disc burner, editing ISO file.

    Since I used to play lot of game I find this software helpful. For example, some games requires CD to be inserted to start. In such case I will take the image (soft copy of disk) of the CD and insert it in the virtual drive. So I no need to insert my game CD into my CD drive.

    There are lot of documentation available for this software. If you find difficult to use you can read the FAQs to get your job done.

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