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    How to access a USB drive or SD card from my mobile phone?

    Are you looking for a wireless card reader to read files from USB flash drives or SD cards to a smart phone? Follow this thread to learn how to access files from flash drive to your phone.

    I want to find the best way to access files from a USB drive or SD card using my phone. It is not easy to find a laptop or desktop with internet connection always. I always have the phone with internet on my hand and at times I want to copy files from a USB drive and upload to internet using my phone.

    What are the best ways to do this? Do I need to use any other devices to read files from a flash drive to my phone? Also, is it possible to wirelessly access such files?
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  • If you want to access your sdcard data or usb pendrive data on smartphone then best option is:

    Method 1

    a)Use OTG cable and connect pendrive to smartphone

    b)Insert sdcard in your smartphone slot and if slot is not available then insert sdcard in card reader then connect the card reader with the help of OTG cable

    Method 2

    If You are connected within the Local network then
    wifi file transfer
    android application will help you to transfer the data

    Method 3

    If You are connected outside the network then install the dropbox in your cellphone , then sync the dropbox and access the data on real time basis

  • In order to access files from a USB drive on a mobile phone (smartphone), an OTG cable is needed. The cable has two terminals, a USB slot and a mobile phone charging/data cable connecting slot. However, not all mobile phones support OTG cable usage.

    In order to access files from an SD card on a mobile phone, one can use the external card slot of that mobile phone. This is the best way!


  • OTG cable can help you to browse SD card or USB drive but only high end smart phones can support this cable. You havent described your smart phone details so we cannot say whether your smart phone can support or not.

  • Apart from the above method mentioned by soujanya, you can go for external hardisk with wi-fi. If your phone supports wi-fi direct then you can connect your phone to external hard disk wirelessly. Remember the external hard disk must also have wi-fi support. Such type of external hard disk are usually priced high. For example, 1TB hardisk with such feature will cost your Rs.11,000.

    I hope your phone must have SD card slot. If it had you can carry two or three memory card depending on your usage. If your phone doesn't have SD card support then you need to go for an extension that support SD card. The extension is called as OTG card reader which is priced below Rs.1000. You can get for cheaper price like Rs.200 to 300 in local stores.

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