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  • How to handle and organize huge bunch of photos with apps or software?

    Have a ton of photos & wish to organize them properly? Know from experts which is the best type of software or apps that you can use to get them organized well.

    I have lot of images or photos of various occasions and I want it to be organized rather than lying as it is in my disk. What are the software and applications available for organizing the photos? How to manually organize the photos if Android application or software are not available for this purpose?
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  • I use QuickPic in my Android phone. This app will show you the organized view of all your photos. The organization is based on date and name. You can show the recent photos first or old photos first likewise you can show the name in ascending or descending order.

    This app will automatically populate all the photos in your phone in single location. Suppose if you have some photos in friends folder and few in family folder, QuickPic will automatically pull all the photos and put together in single place. There you can organize date wise or name wise.

    There are many such app like PhotoSync, Carousel, F-Stop Media Gallery, JustPictures! and Tidy. Each app has their own features. Some app may have editing option, some with sharing option etc. I choose QuickPic since the size of the app is less and it runs faster. It is best for low end device.

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