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  • Keypad panel is not functioning on Dell Mini Inspiron 1018 laptop. How to resolve this issue?

    Do you own a Dell Mini Inspiron 1018 laptop? Is the keypad panel not working? Read the thread to know the best solutions to resolve this issue.

    This laptop is out of warranty. It is verified that this laptop is working perfectly with external USB keyboard but its on-board keyboard is not working. What will be the solutions for this issue. Do we need to replace the keyboard panel of this laptop? What is the price of the keyboard panel for Dell Mini Inspiron 1018 laptop?
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  • There are few keys in my laptop that are not working. I thought of replacing keyboard instead I bought a bluetooth keyboard. You can connect keyboard using the bluetooth service in your laptop. I hope new keyboard will cost you less than replacing old one. Because laptop parts always cost you more.

    This work great even in Linux OS. But you need to install some additional packages to make it work.

    You can also use the USB keyboard and attach it to the USB port. It will work fine as the default keyboard.

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