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    What is the Google Device Policy Android App?

    Are you recently being prompted to install Google Device Policy app onto your Android device? Then read this thread to know every detail of this app.

    What is the Google Device Policy Android app installed in my Mobile device. It was prompted to install on my mobile device when i configured my email address in Gmail app of my Android mobile device.
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  • What Is Google Apps Device Policy?

    Google Apps Device policy helps you protect your device if it is lost or stolen. It is intended for schools, businesse and government organisations who use Google Apps. Once the app is installed, security measures such as password protection can be set up. Even the device data can be wiped off remotely.
    It gives your device administrator the rights and ability to
    • Remotely wipe device.
    • Lock your device or change the PIN.
    • Make screen lock compulsory for idle timeout.
    • Reset your device.
    • Ring your Device.
    • Locate your device.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Google have the authority to do the following as per the terms and condition:

    1.Take a snap using user camera

    2.Access mic

    3.Intercept the call and message

    4.Read the call and message

    5.Anonymous data usage

    6.Mock locations

    7.Details of installed application and there usage

    8.Wipe device

    9.Right to provide the admin access to application

    10 .Ring device

    As per the terms and condition of google ,they can access all the above things without the consent of user.User dont have any right to file complain against the google

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