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  • What is the SAP software and how it works?

    Check out all the details about the SAP software with its price, license agreement policy and its price.

    SAP is mostly used in large corporate companies for operating the daily works. What is this SAP software and how it works. What it price and license agreement policy of SAP software.
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  • What Is SAP?

    SAP means Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is a renowned ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software that is widely used by Corporates to manage day to day activities. It consists of a number of modules integrated together covering almost all part of managing a large business.
    Major modules of SAP include –
    1.Finance (FI) – This is designed to automate all finance related activities based on user defined charts.
    2. Controlling (CO) – This represents flow of cost and revenue of a firm. It gets automatically updated as events occur.
    3. Sales and Distribution (SD) – This module optimizes activities in the field of sales, delivery and billing.
    4. Human Resources(HR) – The purpose of this module is to integrate planning and control of personnel activities.
    Apart from these modules, SAP also has associated modules like Plant Maintenance (PM), Asset Management(AM), Materials Management(MM), Quality Management(QM) and Production Planning(PP) among others.


    Pricing depends on the your business model. Fees depend upon the number of users and the type of access needed. It has following key points to be taken note of –
    Deployment Model - For a standard package, you pay a flat subscription fee.
    Software Licensing - Fees depend on number of users and type access.
    Implementation - It varies as per your business requirements.
    Upgrades - Depending on your current hardware, you may or may not need to set aside the budget for upgrades.
    Maintenance - This includes general maintenance, new releases and support services.

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