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    Which is the best Broadband Network provider in Delhi?

    Check out the best broadband internet connection providers in Delhi. This ask expert thread lists you some of the fastest broadband internet service providers in Delhi.

    I shifted to Delhi a year back and I am using BSNL broadband connection. Recently my friend advised me to change my broadband connection as it is not too speedy according to him. I am totally confused whether I should change my connection or not. Please suggest me some of the best broadband connection providers in Delhi with a better internet speed.
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  • There are many broadband service providers available in Delhi which comes with many different interesting offers so its not a easy task to select the best broadband service provider. Go through the details given below to know the best broadband service provider in Delhi.

    Some of the the overall good broadband service provider are:
    • MTNL
    • Airtel
    • Reliance
    • MTS

    You can select the best broadband service provider for you from the plans given below for some of the best broadband service provider available in Delhi.

    Speed up to 2 Mbps
    • Airtel: Rs. 1549; 2 Mbps' Till 30 GB
    • MTNL: Rs. 1899; 2 Mbps; Unlimited
    • Reliance: Rs. 699; 2 Mbps; Unlimited

    Speed up to 4 Mbps
    • Airtel: Rs. 2099; 4 Mbps; 80 GB
    • MTNL: Rs. 3499; 4 Mbps; Unlimited
    • Reliance: Rs. 1099; 4 Mbps; Unlimited

    Speed up to 8 Mbps
    • Airtel: Rs. 2200; 8 Mbps; 80 GB
    • Reliance: Rs. 999; 12 Mbps; 25 GB

    As per my opinion the best broadband service provider available in Delhi is Reliance as the plans are cheap and with good speed. You can also see that the number of users using Reliance broadband are more than any other in Delhi.


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  • Have personally been using an Airtel broadband connection for the past 7 years and have had no issues whatsoever. Airtel virtually has no downtime and any issues (if encountered) are fixed in a single phone call. I am currently on a 4 Mbps plan with 50GB download/upload limit.

    I've heard people having issues with MTNL and Reliance as service providers. Also, a lot of modems and routers out there in the market are not compatible with MTNL and Reliance. In case you decide to go with any one of them, make sure the modem/router you buy is compatible.

  • Though I don't stay in Delhi, user reviews suggest MTNL as the best among the available broadband players in Delhi. Here are the ratings as per a popular review site.
    MTNL- 37%
    AirTel – 35%
    Hathway – 2%
    You can possibly take a trial connection and check for the performance and decide later on.
    Looking at various reviews in Delhi, I would suggest you to opt for AirTel.

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  • There are many ISP networks in Delhi, some of the good ones are:

    1. MTS
    2. MTNL
    3. Airtel

    According to me, the best is MTS because it is cheap and their speed is also fast. I also use MTS Broadband.

  • I haven't seen your answer weather you got the new internet connection in Delhi. So many folks suggested here top internet service providers in your area. still you looking for a better one then I will recommend you DEN Boomband. see the screen shot below for best plan.

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  • There are many Internet service providers in Delhi. I would recommend you to go with Airtel as this is one of the best service provide in Delhi which is provide unlimited calling plans with 20GB data at 16 Mbps speed at just Rs.1099.

  • I think Airtel broadband connection is the most reliable internet option. There are many other local Internet service provider companies, who are offering cheap rental plans, but my suggestion is always Airtel broadband
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