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  • Charger for Philips Trimmer QT4005 .

    Want to know how to charge your Philips Trimmer Qt4005? Then this ask expert thread lists you all available chargers with their price.

    I'm searching a charger for my Philips trimmer of the above mentioned model. Please provide me the relevant product information along with the price of the product. Whether there is some another way to charge this device. I'm tensed as the charging socket of the device is different from general sockets.
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  • It is advised to use the other universal compatible chargers with same input/output and pin connector charger for Philips Trimmer QT4005. The approximately price of Philips Trimmer QT4005 is Rs. 1300 - Rs. 1400. And charger is coming as standard accessories of the device in the box. You can visit to any nearest electrical shop to check whether the seprate original charger for this device is available or not. However, you can purchase the compatible charger with approx cost of Rs. 100 or Rs.200 from any electrical shop. And the price of original charger may be higher than the compatible charger.

  • Do you Know where I can find ordinary chargers online?

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