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  • Custom page title for every post on Blogger

    Does your blog title appears on all of your posts rather than the original subject title? Then stop by and have a look at all the steps to fix this problem and create custom page title for every post on your blog.

    I have a Blogger blog with a general 'Title' (Settings>Basic>Title) that shows up when I open my blog. However, every time I open a particular post on my blog, the same Title shows up as page title. My question is how to show the individual post subject as the 'page title' for every post on my blog?
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  • You might not be keeping a proper title for the post. That could be the only possible reason!


  • Hello friend,

    You can change the title of every blog post but cannot change the blog title for every post. Blog title remains the same for all the posts.

    You can give a detailed description about your blog in the "description" section so that viewers can understand what else can be found in your blog.

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard>>Templates>>Edit HTML

    Search For
    b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"

    data:blog.pageTitle/> - Homepage keywords

    Your Keyword: - Your Keyword


    Make changes as shown above

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