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  • What is the average cost for setting up solar panels on terrace of 20 square feet?

    Check out everything about solar panels with their average set up price per feet, best brand and precautions to be taken. You can also find how much electrical energy it can store and supply.

    I want to know average cost for setting up solar panels on terrace with 20 square feet? Where to contact for solar panel buying? What are the precautions to be taken while setting up the panels? Which brand is good to buy? How much solar power it stores and gives during evening?
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  • This question is very important question. Solar energy is the most required energy today. The fact is that this system is not so familiar with common people of India and hence, it is not famous in the market but still there is huge hidden requirement of this solar energy for each of every one. I am really not aware about this details of what kind of devices used for solar energy but we can see some of the information about this on the website Also the supplier of solar energy devices are also capable to share the information on this question. Hence, we can directly visit the shop of solar energy vendor and clarify the queries before purchasing the device.

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