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  • How to browse flash enabled websites on mobile browsers?

    Want to know how to browse flash enabled websites on mobile browsers? Then you can check here for all available working steps.

    Even though flash has been phased out by almost all websites, there are still some sites still using flash. As is well known to all mobile Internet users, we cannot browse flash enabled sites on most of the mobile browsers. Though Firefox supports flash, you can't access its full functionality as you would do on a PC. Is there any way to be able to do it? My basic issue is with the site
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  • Flash support is available for BlackBerry mobile by default. You can access any websites and load any contents if you are using BlackBerry device that has BalckBerry 10 OS.

    If you are using Android OS you can enable by little work around. By default Google has stop supporting flash as they start supporting HTML 5. To enable it you need to download Dolphin Browser. The version of the browser is Dolphin Browser HD 8.5.1 and is available in Play Store. Only this browser supports flash. After installing this browser you need to search and install Flash Player APK. You can find the apk file in many file hosting sites.

    I guess Windows Phone has flash player by default. While using the phone I never got error message that my phone doesn't got flash player. I was able to play online videos from all website that I visited so far.

    I haven't used mobile phone with other platforms. I suppose iPhone will support flash player.

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