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    Problem with setup of Google adsense account

    Having a problem understanding the setup for authorizing sites in your AdSense account? Check with our experts here why you are facing this problem & how to resolve it.

    I am having a problem to authorize sites to display ads. This is what I know about the steps to protect AdSense account by allowing only authorized sites to use your AdSense:
    - Login to your AdSense account.
    - Click on "Home" tab
    - Click on "Account Settings"
    - Look for "Access and authorization"
    - Look for "Access and authorization" just below.
    - Enable the option "Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account"
    Allow only certain sites to show ads for my account

    In the helpdesk for Authorizing your sites.
    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Click the gear icon and select Settings.
    3. In the sidebar, click Access and authorization.
    4. Check the box marked Only allow certain sites to display ads for my account.
    5. Enter the URL of the sites that you want to authorize, then click Save.

    But there is no Check box. The screenshot is attached. Solve it.

    Screenshot of adsense account
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  • Yours is clearly a hosted account. That means you have got AdSense approval via a site which is a hosted site (probably Hence you cannot put techulator in that box. You cannot put any other site or even your own blog there because you have a host account & thus cannot earn AdSense from other sites/blogs.

    What you need to do is upgrade your account to a non-host account. For that, you need to launch your own website. Make it professional, with very good unique content on a niche topic. You can avail of website hosting services (one example: GoDaddy). Then you can put the URL of that site in the box and apply for a non-host account. Google will review it and check if it is worthy of an upgrade.

    Note that it is extremely tough to get such an upgrade. Google has got very stringent review processes & it is unlikely you will get approval for an upgrade soon. It may take you a couple of years, maybe never if the site is not up to their high standards.

    Please refer to this article: How to upgrade Hosted AdSense account to normal AdSense account in which Tony Sir, the Webmaster of, has clearly stated " is no longer a Host AdSense account and those who have "Hosted Account" cannot use their AdSense account to monetize from"


  • Thank you for your reply. I got my adsense account approved through
    Can it be approved by ?

  • Nope, a hosted account can only be used on Google products (YouTube, Blogger etc). To be able to use it on Techulator and IndiaStudyChannel, you would need to get it converted into a full fletched Adsense account.

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