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    Hot air to electricity conversion

    Looking for ways to convert hot air to electricity? Check out this Ask Expert thread of the ways to achieve this.

    I want to convert the hot air into electricity. Does anybody know how to this and can guide me?
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  • Hello.
    To convert air into electrical energy, wind power plant is used. In these power plant a turbine of generator is rotated by air.
    These type of power plants are widely present in rajasthan.

    Prabhat Jani

  • A new alloy has been discovered with unique properties to convert heat directly into electricity. The alloy is made from the multiferroic composite of nickel, cobalt and highly magnetic.

    University of Utah Physicists has also developed a small device that convert heat into sound energy and then into electricity. They have also promised to make a device which can convert heat directly to electricity.

    Solar cells are also used to convert heat energy to electricity. They absorbs the heat energy and converts it to electrical energy.

    Wind mills are also used to convert heat energy to electricity. You can find them in Rajasthan as they need a large area to setup and a continuous speedy wind.

    These were some of the methods used to convert heat energy to electricity.

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