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  • How to install Android on laptop

    Want to install Android on your laptop? Learn from experts if this is possible and if so how to do it.

    I know that there are a lot of operating system for laptop like Microsoft, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux and Mac. However, I want to install Android OS on my laptop. Is it possible to do so? Please tell me any method for it.
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  • Sure it's possible to install Android on laptop. Now I am going to explain how to install Android application on laptop. Follow the bellow steps:

    Step 1: Install Android application on your laptop which version you like ie KitKat.
    Step 2: The USB drive you can copy old Folder.
    Step 3: Select new button on your virtualBox. Next you select your type of Version ie linux .
    Step 4: Enter the memory size in the next dialog box. Required minimum memory size is 550mb.
    Step 5: Select new virtual hard drive then choose VDI and create virtual drive.
    Step 6: Next screen choose your version file downloaded and check live Cd.
    Step 7: Once done installing remove live iso from VirtualBox and reboot.

  • It is possible to download and run Android OS on your laptop. Please read and follow below steps to install Android OS on your system. Please not that you have not mentioned which operating system your laptop is running on so here I give you guide about installing Android OS 4.3 on Windows 8 PC. Because Windows 8 is latest.

    First of all download latest version of virtual box from below mention link.

    After you download Virtual Box download android operating system iso file from below mention link.

    Now open Virtual Box on your laptop and create new Virtual Machine. Below are the configuration for your Virtual Machine
    Operating System Type : Linux
    Ram Size : 1024 MB
    Select Storage and Create New Hard disk
    Browse and install ISO file.

    Start Virtual Machine which will boot from attached ISO.
    Select Create/Modify Partition
    Press New >>Primary>>Bootable>>Write>>Yes
    This will create new partition and save new partition now Press Quit.

    Once this done successfully you will see ext3 and click on enter to format.
    Press Yes to format the partition.
    Select Yes to install boot loader GRUB.
    Select Yes again to install /System directory.

    Installation will start and after completing installation complete window will prompt you to reboot.

    Reboot and you are done.

  • It may be your private issues, but I couldn't understand why would you want to install Android OS on your laptop. If you need to run android applications, you can simply use bluestack application for windows.

    You can see the installation method of Bluestack on windows on this link:

  • Though it does not make any practical sense to run Android OS on your Windows, here are a couple of ways to do it.

    1. BlueStacks
    The application will not run the full Android OS on your system, but it can be used to run Android apps on your computer or laptop. It also allows you to download apps from Play Store. BlueStacks is the most widely used and reliable method to run Android apps on your device.

    2. Official Android Emulator<
    The Emulator is part of Android SDK. It is used to run Android Operating system on your PC. It is used by the Android developers to test their apps. But the emulator is little slow and cannot be used for day to day operations.
    Download Android SDK, open SDK manager program and select tools. Follow instructions to create Android Virtual Device.

    3. Android-x86
    This is a community project aimed at porting Android to x-86. Right now it is supported only on a few specific devices. Please note that this is an experimental project. It may not be stable on your device.

    Live....and Let Live!

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