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    Lantronix device linked problem

    Having a problem of connectivity with your Lantronix device? Let our experts help you with useful troubleshooting tips.

    I have got a device with a Lantronix XPORT AR connected to my home LAN. On this LAN I have got an ADSL router by technicolor with DHCP enabled. On this LAN I have got some PC or device with STATIC IP and two LAN SWITCH.

    The Lantronix device has got the led, a link-led that is green and a traffic led that blinks; this mean that device is linked and works but, in the router connected menu, or with an ID scanner I can't see it's address. Firewall is disabled on the router and on my PC. What could the problem be? Thank you to help me.
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  • You can access the console of this router configuration from the system browser through the router IP and check the settings in router configuration. Also try to configure the manual IP setting in same network range of router IP address and then the network connectivity of router with other devices.

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