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    Result of Indian of the year 2014 by CNN-IBN

    Are you looking for the results of the Indian of the year 2014 award by CNN-IBN? The result is yet to be announced. Follow this thread to know the latest updates and results.

    I saw a lot of buzz in the Facebook about the Indian of the year 2014 award and online voting. The voting ended today. Where can I find the result? I don't see the results anywhere. Who is selected as the winner?
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  • The voting will finish by end of today. The results will be announced only after that. Even if the voting finish today, I don't think they will announce the results today. They may take a while to analyze the votes and choose the winner. Typically, in such online votes, there are chances of fake votes using automated scripts. So, they will be doing some sort of checking to filter out all fake votes. It may take a few days to announce the winner of the Indian of the year 2014 award.

  • The result has not been declared yet because right now the voting lines are open on the official website of CNN-IBN.

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