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    What type of modem is needed to use BSNL WiMax?

    Are you looking for the routers and cables that works with BSNL WiMax? Any regular router and WiFi router will work with WiMax. ADSL and ADSL2 routers will not work. You need to buy an RJ45 cable as well.

    I'm taking the BSNL WiMax connection. Does it come with WiFi support? Do I need to buy a separate WiFi router? What type of router is supported by the WiMax?

    Please tell me what type of router is required and what type of cable I need to purchase. Is it RJ45 cable?
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  • To be able to use BSNL WiMax you have three options -
    USB Dongle
    You can opt for this method if your location is nearer to the BSNL WiMax base station.
    Indoor CPE
    CPE means Customer premises Equipment. If the WiMax station is within 1 km from your location, you can go for the indoor CPE option.
    Outdoor CPE
    Outdoor CPE will be useful remote locations upto 15 kms from the nearest base station.
    Price of the CPE is Rs.1500 plus taxes for all types. You can also purchase it on rental which varies from Rs.30 to 40 per month (depending on your plan) with a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1000.
    My Suggestion
    It would be better going for rent option because if you go for outright purchase , it would be difficult to get replacement in case of issues.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You have to purchase the ADSL + router for bsnl connection and secondly it comes with both with wifi and without wifi so choice is yours.apart from that you can also apply for the modem to bsnl too .for that u have to pay some amount of money which is not refundable.

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