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  • What is the criteria for bidding on the online auction website

    Want to know the criteria for bidding on the online auction website Then you are at a right place to find all the details.

    I recently went through an online auction and bidding site, Jeetle. After going through the website, I found it quite interesting but I got confused how to play and bid in this website. So, please let me know about the bidding criteria on
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  • is a reverse bidding site. You need to bid lowest and unique for the items you want to win. Here is the step by step guide to how you can do it -

    1. Register on the site
    Registration is free of cost. There are some limited period offers for registration. Check for them at the time of registration.
    2. Buy Bids
    It is a prepaid game. You either need to have bid points or real money in your account. Click on Buy Bids on the home page after logging in. Enter the amount you want to buy. You will be redirected to the payment gateway wherein you have to fill the details and make payment. You can pay via Debit/credit card or netbanking. Check whether the amount has been updated under your account.
    3. Place the bids
    Select the product you want to bid for. Each product has a certain time period. Click on Bid Now. You can also check product details before bidding by clicking on View details . You can place bids in a range of 100, e.g 10.01 to 10.99. There are bid fees associated with each bid. This differs from product to product. As you place each bid corresponding amount will be debited from your account balance. As soon as you place the bid, you will be notified whether you bid was lowest and unique, or not unique or not lowest. If you are lowest and unique bidder at the end of the bid period fot the product of your choice, you will win the product.
    Tips on Winning
    1. Don't keep bidding at the lower end. Many members will think same. Bid lowest first and then highest, thus you get an idea of where exactly you stand.
    2. You can also bid higher and then come back to lower in steps. You may be able to block other players and keep your bid lowest and unique.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Jeelte is an auction site which works in a reverse manner means the lowest bids are considered as the winner. It provides skill based game that must be played with a strategy. If you don't win the auctions you'll get the cash back points on Direct to Home shop. It offers home delivery of the items available on the site with manufacturer warranty.

    If you want to play on Jeetle you need to register on the site. You need to have real money balance in your account to bid on the site.

    For further information you can Live Chat/Call the customer service at +91-9716148630/011-30651111.

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