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  • Why my Samsung Galaxy Core 2 isn't providing bass while playing music ?

    Learn how to configure Samsung Galaxy Core 2 audio settings for producing bass effects

    I had purchased a device Samsung Galaxy Core 2 two months ago. I am facing a problem on my device that it's not providing bass while playing music. I tried to play the music on my home theatres, big sound boxes using the device but it's not providing the bass. I tried to play the song via another person's Samsung Galaxy Core 2 but that one is also not providing the bass while playing music via the smartphone.

    I went to the Samsung Authorized service center but there they said that " It's not the fault of the device that it's not providing bass on your home theatre and sound systems". They said that it's playing well in your headphones we can't do anything and also also we don't have home theatres so we can't check for the errors. They said to restore the whole phone and I did the same but also this doesn't worked.

    Now I'm confused that what should I do to get rid of this fault ? The problem is that the person at the service centre is not getting what I want to say.

    Provide me the suggestions so that I can be happy with my smartphone.
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  • What music app are you using to play these songs? Is it the default music app or another one? Download and install another music app from the Play Store that also gives you control over its equalizer settings to maximise the bass.

    Don't forget to revert back with an update!

  • As I have noticed Core 2 has the Google Play Music as the default and only music player. That could also be the reason for your problem. Try downloading a good music player app from Play store. Try tweaking the equaliser settings.
    Refer to this link for a good list of android music players.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I am using the default music player as well as MX Player. There's no problem related to the the use of music player. The default music player provides the bass boost feature or the equaliser settings but it's not helping out to give the best music with bass.

  • Is there a particular song that is not getting good bass or any song that you play has the same result? Sometimes, the song file (mp3) is compressed to such a low level that it loses its quality. Try playing another song/file and see if you notice any change.

  • No I'm facing the problem on playing any mp3 songs via headphone jack on the music systems. The service centre experts are not getting me as they don't have the music systems there.

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