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  • How to run the Unix program on my personal computer ?

    Here you can learn how to run UNIX (BSD, Linux, OS X) executables in Windows platform

    I'm learning UNIX programming and hence I need a platform where I can check the correctness of the program written by me. The place where I learn UNIX programming, they have a server which is dead currently and hence I am worried. I want to know whether it is possible to have any application program like C++ which can provide me a platform to run UNIX executables on my Windows computer.

    Provide me the steps through which I can run the UNIX program on my Windows computer.
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  • Though I have not tested it on a personal front, here is a guide to run unix on a Windows machine. Hope this will help you.
    It essentially involves 3 steps-


    When you use two operating systems on a single machine, then you need to use "Vitualisation". This involves creating virtual machine inside your existing hardware. One of the virtualisation tool is VirtualBox.
    Download your copy of VitualBox from the link - .

    Install your new Linux/Unix Operating system

    After you have installed VirtualBox, Get a copy of Linux. There are many distributions of Linux are available. You can get a stable Debian version from the link -
    You will need to select i386 if you have 32 bit machine and AMD64 for 64 Bit machine.
    If you want to have real Unix OS, go for OpenSolaris which can be downloased from the link -

    Create a Virtual machine

    • Open VirtualBox you have installed in step 1. Click on New
    • A wizard will guide you to create a new virtual machine. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully. You will need to provide a name to your virtual machine.
    • It will set default virtual machine parameters. Click on Next.
    • Accept the default memory suggested. Click on Next.
    • The virtual machine will now create a virtual hard disk. Click on New and follow the instructions.
    • Select Dynamically expanding image and click on Next.
    • Give a name and size to your new disk. Click on Next.
    • The new disk will be created. Check for correctness and click on Next. A display will be displayed and you will be taken back to VirtualBox.

    Live....and Let Live!

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