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    How can we remove Windows Rollback option from Boot Menu of Windows 10 Build 9926?

    Having a problem in removing the Windows Rollback option from Boot Menu of Windows 10 Build 9926? Follow the responses in this thread to get quick troubleshooting tips to resolve this problem.

    In the newly released Windows 10 build 9926, there are 2 options visible in the boot selection menu. One is the Windows Technical Preview and the other is Windows Rollback. Now, I understand that this Windows Rollback entry could result in switching back to the previous Windows OS version (or build version). How can I get rid of this Windows Rollback option from the boot menu? Please share the steps to disable Windows Rollback entry from Windows 10 build 9926 boot menu.
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  • You will need to follow these steps to remove the rollback option -
    • In the search box type cmd , right click on the command prompt result and click on Run As Administrator.
    • Type bcdedit/timeout 0
    If, however, you feel you need to have this option you can follow the same steps and replace 0 in timeout with any other number between 1 and 30.
    Another option to remove this is as below -
    • Select Run command, type msconfig and press enter.
    • In the System Configuration window you get, select Boot tab and select Windows rollback (Windows)
    • Click Delete.
    Note - Microsoft does not recommend this option. You need to try it on your own risk.

    Live....and Let Live!

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