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  • Which one is the best classified site: OLX or Quikr?

    Want to post free ad on online classified site and get the best buyers for your goods? Read this thread to know the best classified site in India.

    I want to post an ad for selling my dad's old car. Many of my friends suggested me to go for online classified platform like Quikr and Olx. But I want to know which one should I go for. Olx or Quikr, which one is better?
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  • Comparative Analysis of OLX and Quickr

    1.OLX is a global firm based in Argentina and has presence in over 95 nations. Quickr on the other hand is an Indian startup that was formed in 2008.
    2.OLX claims over 100 million global visitors per month though exact Indian figures are not available. Quickr claims of having 24 million visitors each month across 65 Indian cities.
    3.Quickr offers services in 12 categories further divided into subcategories. The categories include electronics, real estate, home and lifestyle, cars and bikes, jibs, services, entertainment, education, pets, community, events and matrimonial. OLX offers listing in 8 categories subdivided again as in Quickr.. The categories include sale, community, classes, vehicles, real estate, services, jobs and matrimonial.
    4.Search results for almost all major categories/items in OLX exceeds than in Quickr for the same item. This shows OLX has more listing than Quickr.
    5.Quickr has a special feature wherein you can sign up and specify your requirement. You will receive alerts via SMS and email whenever the site receives an entry in your specified category.
    6.OLX has mobile apps for all major platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windowsphone, Symbian and Java while Quickr has no apps for iOS and BlackBerry.
    There are some reports that many phone calls or enquiry responses for ads posted on Quickr are fake or spam. OLX too suffers from fake calls, but the the number seems to be more with Quickr.


    As far as my experience goes, I have posted ads in both of them, but could not see much difference in the response rate. I would suggest you to post your ads in both these services as either way - whether OLX is better or Quickr - it is going to benefit you as long as you are not posting premium ads and not paying them to post your ads.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Overall, OLX will be a better choice to choose from OLX and Quikr. But as per your question, if you want to sell your Dad's old car you should go for quikr as many people are using for the purpose which you mentioned.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Me and my friends circle always visit OLX. There is no particular reason for it. As there is too much advertisement for OLX it strikes my mind first. I bought several things from OLX. I never visited Quickrr. In most of the cases the seller who posted ad in OLX will post ad in Quickr too.

    As I frequently use OLX, I am familiar with its UI and I feel it comfortable. Both platform provide user to post free advertisement. Why taking risk? just post your ad in both platforms. Don't bother about the platform, just post your ad in whatever free ad posting website you know.

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