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  • How to convert my blogger blog in to wordpress?

    Learn how to shift your blog from blogger to wordpress

    I have been using blogger for quite a long period and am fed up with using blogger. I would like to convert my few blogs in to word press. Is word press free to use?

    How to migrate from blogger to word press free? What is the advantage of word press over blogger or why should I use word press than blogger?
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  • First of all wordpress is not free. You must hosting for host your wordpress blog.

    Advantage of wordpress.
    1. Wordpress is self hosted blogging platform. You can choose any hosting company with your custom domain name.

    2. There are a lot of plugin for wordpress.

    3. A lot of plugin for seo.

    How to move from blogger to wordpress.
    1. Login to wordpress.
    2. Go to tools tab.
    3. Click on blogger import tool.
    4. Install this plugin.
    5. Now open blogger importer option.
    6. A new window will open, enter your gmail id and password.
    7. In few minutes your all posts and pages will move on wordpress.

    Prabhat Jani

  • Migrating from blogger to WordPress involves multiple steps. Let me try to explain the steps one by one -

    1. Signing up for WordPress
  • Sign up for a WordPress hosting and setup your domain name.
  • There are many WordPress hosting providers. You can select the one that appeals to you.
  • Install WordPress on your website.

  • 2. Import your Blogger blogs to WordPress
  • Go to Tools> Import
  • Select Blogger.
  • A pop up will come up asking you to install Blogger importer.
  • Click on install and WordPress will download and install Blogger Importer.
  • After installing plug-in click on Activate Plug-in and run importer.
  • Click on Authorise on this page which will take you to Google Accounts page.
  • You will be notified that WordPress is requesting permission to access Google account. Click on Allow Access.
  • You will get back to WordPress page where you will be shown the list of your blogger blogs. Click on import button next to the blogs you want to import.
  • WordPress will now import your blogs. Once finished, assign an author to imported blogs.

  • 3. Setting up permalinks
  • Go to settings > permalinks.

  • 4. Setting up Redirection
  • Redirection needs a fair knowledge of php programming.
  • Please take guidance from any technical person with knowledge in php programming.

  • Live....and Let Live!

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