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  • What is Blue screen error ? How to solve it?

    Here you can find solution for BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death in Windows with error message "IRQL not less than or equal"

    Recently my friend's Laptop failed to work properly for no apparent reason and started displaying blue screen with a system error. It worked well for the last couple of years. The message shown was that 'IRQL not less than or equal'. On rebooting the system, it again gets shut down with a message that windows unexpectedly encountered a problem.

    How to resolve this Blue screen error issue and get the Laptop back on work without visiting a software/hardware consultant?
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  • What Is Blue Screen Error?

    The Blue Screen error or STOP error is also known as BSOD- Blue Screen Of Death error.It is a term used to describe a situation where the system is shut down after a critical system error so that further damage can be averted. It does not indicate what exactly went wrong. Common causes include poorly written driver files, or hardware malfunctions. You first need to find out what caused this error before attempting to solve it.

    How To Fix Blue Screen Error?

    Follow these steps -
    1. Check if you changed any configuration recently.
  • This is the most common cause for BSOD. If you changed settings or hardware, the drivers might not have properly updated.
  • Since there are many configurations possible, your new drivers might not be compatible.
  • 2. Check internal hardware.
  • A poor connection inside your PC or laptop might cause the error.
  • Open it and check all connections are firmly secured and all cards sit properly in their sockets.
  • In case of laptops, make sure RAM and hardware is connected properly.
  • 3. Rollback drivers
  • If you installed new hardware, the new drivers may not be compatible with your system. Roll back to previous version.
  • Access device manager, locate the hardware for which you want to rollback the driver, right click on it and select properties. Select Driver and then select rollback.
  • 4. Rollback Windows updates
  • Recent windows updates you installed might be conflicting with the hardware configuration.
  • Roll back updates by means of System Restore to a point when your system was working fine.
  • 5. Repair Windows installation
  • Insert your Windows installation disk and boot using it.
  • At setup, select repair windows. Old windows files will be deleted and replaced with new files.
  • 6. Run Virus scan
  • Malware or virus can also cause this issue.
  • Perform full system scan to find out anything wrong.
  • 7. Clean up hard disk space
  • Insufficient storage can cause BSOD error.
  • Make it a habit to cleanup disk space often by deleting unnecessary and temporary files.
  • 8. Reinstall Windows
  • If you are unable to track the exact error, reinstall full windows OS.
  • Make sure you have backed up your important data before proceeding.
  • 9. Replace faulty hardware
  • If the error is caused due to faulty hardware, reinstalling windows will not solve the problem.
  • Replace the faulty hardware. Possible culprits could be RAM stick, Graphic card or in extreme cases, hard drive.

  • Live....and Let Live!

  • Well, I have a pretty good solution of your problem. Just go through the article to know everything about how to resolve the blue screen or death error.

    How to troubleshoot and overcome the problem of Blue Screen of Death error?


  • I've been there once and I finally resolved the problem by using a PC optimizer named SmartPCFixer. It really works for me. You can get it from:
    Hope it works for you as well.

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