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    Download Selfie With Modi app

    Do you want to make a Selfie with Prime Minister Modi? Learn more about this campaign and check out how to get your selfie with the Prime Minister.

    I saw a news that we can download an app called "Selfie with Modi" which we can use on our mobile to take our selfie photos with Modi in the background. But I can't find the app to download from Google Play Store.

    Can anybody tell me how to get the "Selfie with Modi" app?
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  • I don't think this is an Android App. This is a campaign by BJP as part of the Delhi elections. As per my knowledge, you have to be physically present in one of the booths setup to take the Selfie with Modi.

    May be eventually, someone will make an App for this purpose!

  • "Selfie with Modi" is a campaign by BJP to woo younger voters to the booth. The party is setting up around 2500 special booths across Delhi. People will be able to click a Selfie of themselves with a replica of Narendra Modi. This is a campaign to connect with the younger generation that is too immersed in the digital media and social networks. No android app for this purpose exists as of now .

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There is no such an App at the moment. Also, it is illegal to publish an App which involves the privacy of the person. Some people may even start to publish news such as "Modi participated in the opening function of my shop, look at the pictures..." which may create problems.


  • "Selfie with Modi" is not an Android app but it is a campaign launched by Amit Shah to woo the Indian voters.

    If you really want to click Selfie with Modi then there are two ways the first and the most difficult way is to do this in reality and the second in using the apps present in the web or by editing the pics using the photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop etc. The name of one such app that lets you to do this modification is "Narendra Modi Photo Maker".

    This app takes takes pictures using Modi frames. It is a 5.0 MB app which is available on Play Store. You can try this app and it will not cause you to lose a huge amount of data if the app will doesn't worked well for you.

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