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  • Which is the best online website or Android app to learn spoken English?

    Are you willing to improve your spoken English? Then read this post to know the details of websites and Android apps which will certainly guide you speak English fluently.

    English is among top 10 difficult languages of the world. But English is widely used around the world as an easy medium of communication between two people whose mother tongue is different from each other. A lot of people in India face problem when speaking English fluently. So, is there any website or Android app from which they can learn how to speak English fluently?
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  • One of the best apps to learn spoken English is
    Learn English, Speak English . The best features of this app include -
    1. It helps you learn English from basic to advanced level.
    2. You can speak to a video character and get instant feedback.
    3. It can cover all your needs from beginners to business to academic levels of learning.
    4. It has rich multimedia.
    One more app that has been gaining popularity is
    busuu. The app has following features -
    1. It helps you learn English (along with 10 other languages).
    2. You can learn the language in a fun way with thousands of native speakers.
    3. It contains over 150 topics with around 3000 words.
    4. You can test your knowledge with a fun quiz.
    5. It offers reading, learning, writing and speaking practices.

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  • There are so many Android apps that can help you out while learning English and speaking English. Some of them are:-

    1.Learn English, Speak English:
    This is a paid android app that can help you to speak English using the speech recognition technology. The size of the app is 19 MB and it's preferred by SpeakingPal,

    Babbel is a multi linguistic app that can help you to learn 12 other languages along with the English language, This app uses the same technology as the Learn English,Speak English app.The language covered by this apps are Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Danish and Norwegian. The size of the app is 47 MB.

    3.Listen & Speak:
    This app also uses the speech recognition technology and offers rating to your pronounced words so that you can achieve the perfection. The size of the app is only 1.5 MB.

  • Speak English is a good application based on real world conversation. You can listen to the conversation in audio formats and will improve the accent in quick time.

    1000 most common phrases and 1500 most common words are good sections in this app that is mainly aimed for newbies. This applicant contains more than 100 lessons and free version is also available for a try.

  • Websites to learn english :

    Apps to learn english :
    1. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone.
    2. FluentU.
    3. MindSnacks.
    4. Memrise.
    5. Open Language.
    6. Mosalingua.

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