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  • Hyphen in Domain Name: Good or Bad for SEO

    Unsure whether or not it is good to insert a hyphen in a domain name? Learn from SEO experts whether including a hyphen in a domain name of a site is advantageous or detrimental.

    I want to buy new domain for my blog. Suppose is my first choice. But it is already taken. Then there are these: vs - which is best between these too? Please tell me pros and cons of hyphen used in domain name.
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  • There is nothing wrong in using hyphenated domain name. In fact, it increases your readability. Note the following points before opting for hyphens.
    1. Care should be taken to note that it does not conflict with an established domain name. For instance, face-book may be available, choosing it would conflict with Facebbook which has is big brand in itself. So it will look like spamming.
    2. A hyphenated domain name will mean loss of traffic. People normally do not pay attention to the hyphens. They will normally type it without any dash and thus you will lose traffic. So you should not use hyphens unless it is absolutely necessary.
    3. Hyphens are treated as separates. Sorry it will increase readability in longer domain names.
    4. Hyphens are often treated as spammy. Using multiple hyphens is a big NO. It gives rise to suspicion.
    5. If you are building a brand, never go for hyphens. It hampers your brand building.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It's completely your wish and you can add whatever you want in domain names irrespective of some unaccepted codes.

    Yeah I have read many times that numbers and hyphens in domain name will leave a negative impact on our blog. But I have seen many blogs practically doing well with those domains.

    But, a hyphen in domain name may look ugly to remember and see. So, if your keyword is perfect and you don't want to compromise then you can surely go for hyphen in domain name else change your keyword (or) add some keywords and buy an available domain. Completely your choice.

    Don't listen to any one and be creative in choosing your domain name

  • Every website need good domain. The purpose of choosing domain plays very important role for every single website available on internet network. Choosing domain name helps website in SEO and also give brand name to website. You can choose your domain name as per your choice with a to z letters with a mixture of 0 to 9 numbers, hyphen and dash. Using hyphen is not bad but some of the illegal and spamming activities to fool search engines has rose many questions. Lets check out good and bad of Hyphen in domain name.

    Hyphens in domain helps you to put the keywords in your domain. You can put best different keywords which describe your all business.
    Hyphens helps your customer or visitors to remember your long business name or domain name easily.

    Domain with Hyphens will loose traffic because people always write straight instead of putting hyphens.
    You yourself can't tell your site with Hyphens. If your friend ask you about your domain you will not tell him that my website domain name is x hyphen y hyphen z dot com
    One more major issue with hyphen domain containing website is that most of the hyphen containing websites are spam.
    For Example: -, etc.
    And because of all these reasons, SEO gets affected. You will not get good rank with hyphen containing domain.

    So it is better to go without hyphen in your domain name.

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