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    How to make my blog appear in Google search?

    Read this thread to know the best practices, methods and tips to make your blog appear in Google search results. Also learn how to optimize your blog for search engines.

    I have recently started a blog on blogspot. The problem is that even if I type the entire blog name or article title in Google search box, there is no trail of my blog in search results. My blog is about my views. I have seen that other simple blogs (without Adsense or SEO) appear on typing the blog name, then why is it that my blog is nowhere? Is it that there should be a certain number of minimum articles on your blog for it to be visible in Google search? Please suggest.
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  • Unless your blog appears in search engine results, there is no point in running a blog. Here are a few ways to make your blog appear in search engine results -
    1. Submit your blog to search engines
    Make sure you have submitted your blog to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If the search engine can find that your blog exists, it will definitely come up in search results Contact relevant search engine on how to submit your blog.
    2. Use images and videos
    People love photos and videos. Add a few images and YouTube videos to your blog contents. This will help your blog coming up in image or video related searches. But make sure you are adding images that are relevant to to the contents of your blog.
    3 . Get into Google News
    Google News crawls the Web and finds newsworthy contents. It then ranks and lists them as per merits. If you want to get into the Google News search, pay attention to the quality of your content.
    4. Get your blog into directories
    Try to get your blog into directory services that list the blog according to the quality of content. There are several directory services like "Top 100 mobile blogs". Technorati is one such directory service.
    5. Use social media profile
    Make use of social media profiles to spread a word about your blog. Create a Facebook profile and twitter account for each blog you have been managing. Use your blog name as your Facebook account name. Also make sure you have added your blog name as your twitter user name and blog link as twitter profile. Social plug in help you attract more traffic.

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  • Mr. Kamat,

    Please tell how to submit blog to search engines and Google News

  • Submitting Your Blog To Search Engine
    Google (or any search engine) normally crawls the Web, indexes and ranks the Web pages and then shows it in its listing. First thing you need to do is to check whether Google knows that your website exists. Type your blog name and search for it. If it is displayed, Your blog exists in google search and you don't need to do anything. If it doesn't, you may need to submit your blog to the search engine. Use following ways to get Google find your site -
    1. Try giving a link from a blog or website that is already indexed by Google.
    2. Submit directly to Google, but note that Google will not add your blog instantly to the search results. Follow this link
    For Bing, use

    Getting into Google News
    Perform a search with your blog name under News tab. If your site comes up in results, you are already on Google News. If not, you may need to submit request for inclusion, but please note that it is not easy as it is to get into search engine. You need to follow Google guidelines. Check the guidelines here . If your request is denied, you need to wait for 60 days before you can place a request again.
    If you are sure you meet all the guidelines, submit the request for inclusion using this form
    You will need to provide full details as per the guidelines.

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