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  • How gaming keyboards are better than normal keyboards?

    Are you planning to buy a Gaming Keyboard? Then stop by and have a look at what features these hi-tech keyboards provide and what make them different from the standard ones.

    I am planning to buy a gaming keyboard and gift it to my brother on his birthday. But I am not sure whether I should go for an ordinary keyboard or a gaming keybord. So, What are the additional features of a gaming keyboard over the ordinary one so that I can buy the right one. Experts please sort out my problem and give me an advice regarding this.
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  • A gaming keyboard is specially designed for gaming purpose and it has lots of additional features as compared to ordinary keyboard. Some of the key differences between the two are :
    LCD Screen : LCD is a very important part of a gaming keyboard. This feature lets you (gamer) display in-game statistics or monitor system performance on the keyboard.
    Programmable Keys : This lets you re-program some or all of the keys to your desired action so that they can be activated in-game actions and trigger sequences of moves using macros with single button press.
    Game Mode : This mode simply locks the Windows key so that you cannot press it while playing a game and return to desktop.
    Backlighting : Mostly, intense gaming take place in a rather dark ambient and that is where backlight let you see your keys even if its very dark. And these lights looks very beautiful as well.
    Multimedia Control Keys : Simply, let you change volume levels and provide mp3 control during a game without having to switch back to desktop.
    Anti-Ghosting : Ghosting is a state of keyboard when it does not respond to multiple keystrokes at all or there is a delay. Anti-Ghosting feature handles this problem by letting the gamer press a set or all of the keys simultaneous without any delay of response. This is crucial feature for any gamer because many a times you have to use different keys at the same time to execute a certain move.

    At last, I recommend you to buy a gaming keyboard instead of an ordinary one. Moreover you can use it in your normal tasks as well.

  • Gaming keyboards offer high end performance and better gaming experience. A few positive points in favour of gaming keyboards are -
    1. Macro functions
    Gaming keyboard allows you to program customised keys to perform specific actions. These can also be used outside the games for gaining additional shortcuts.
    2. Extra Keys
    Gaming keyboard comes with additional keys that can be used for gaming abilities. These help you avoid switching to desktop to change a few settings.
    3. Digital Display
    Some high end gaming keyboards come with LCD track pad or touchscreens. These help in customising keys in appearance and performance.
    4. Gaming Mode
    They also feature a toggle key to lock the Windows key from triggering Start menu and pushing gaming activity to background.
    5. Multimedia Functions
    Some gaming keyboards come with multimedia functions. These may range from simpler tasks like volume controls to high end functions like shortcuts to twitter and Facebook.
    6. Backlight
    This is the common feature in a gaming keyboard. Some keyboards allow users to customise the Backlight.

    Since gaming keyboards offer some additional features compared to regular keyboards, I would suggest you to go for a gaming keyboard.

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  • Mainly gaming keyboard are found wireless so that users can be comfortable to use it even from distance as they can be addicted to play more and more games. Gaming keyboards comes packed with many extra features like LED light to make it more attractive to the users. It contains many shortcut keys so that users can use them even while playing games. They look more attractive than the normal ones as they comes with a stylish look than the normal ones.


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  • There's not so much difference between gaming keyboards and the general keyboards. There's some extra lights on gaming keyboards and also extra screen on some keyboards. The gaming keyboards are made keeping the gamers in the mind and hence the main focus is on the comfort to the gamers. There's also extra buttons on gaming keyboards such as Macro buttons or multimedia buttons.

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