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  • Change the display of Samsung Galaxy S

    Here you can find where to buy Samsung Galaxy S Display in Mumbai and other cities

    My Samsung Galaxy S At&T brand model no. is i897 and I want to change the display of this mobile because display is gone. I searched for the display, but display is not available in Mumbai market. So, Suggest where can I buy display for my phone?
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  • You should contact any official Samsung repair outlet from where you can easily repair your phone. The official Samsung repair Center should have the required display of your product. If the particular display is not available in the local outlet, they will give order for the product, and we need to wait for some days.

    Majority of the products are available in online shops like ebay, Amazon etc. You can also search for the damaged display in these places so that you can repair it soon.

  • Since this device was never launched in India, I doubt if its parts would be available here. This is one of the first generation Galaxy S mobiles that was launched in the US. In India Samsung started with the Samsung Galaxy S1 (i9000) series.

    Your best bet would be to either get in touch with the Samsung service centers and see if they can arrange a display OR source the display from spare part websites in the US and have it delivered in India. Most service centers or local repair shops would be able to assist you then.

  • Try to find a compatible display from online retailers like eBay. Since the device was never launched in India, you may not get the display that easy. Go for US based online stores. Take care to make sure that they are genuine. You will need to pay in US dollars, so better be careful with the currency conversion. Once you get the display delivered, you can contact local shops to get the help to get it assembled.

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  • If you want to change the display of your Samsung I897 then you must contact the authorized service centre of Samsung. If the details of the service centre is not with you then contact on the Toll Free No- 180030008282 to get the all details about the service centre located to the nearest location.

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