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  • Suggest a good Android app for agriculture purpose?

    Here you can find agriculture related apps from Google play store

    Technology is developing fast and it should reach everyone. I cultivates some vegetables on my terrace. I would like to know some good agriculture apps available in Google play station that provides some good tips on farming. It will be helpful if the apps have some suggestions about manure, organic pesticides etc. I prefer organic farming. Suggest an app for agriculture
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  • Well, though I am not sure about their performance and reliability, I would suggest a few apps that came into my view -
    1. Rainbow
    Developed by GreenTech solutions, this app helps you take informed decisions about the yields. It helps you in getting location based weather updates, agro news and contact information for the nearest fertiliser dealers.
    2. Agriportal
    This app is available in Hindi, Gujarati and English. There are plans to add some more Indian languages. It offers up to date climate conditions and price updates in addition to the agriculture related news and information.

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  • The agriculture apps that can help you and is available on Play Store are:-

    • Sirrus

    • TractorPal

    • Agri Precision

    • Farming Calculator

    • John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

    You may contact the kisan call centre at 1551 or 1800 180 1551. They may help you in a perfect way.

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