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    Xperia phone is not showing on laptop via datacable

    Is your laptop not detecting your smartphone as being attached via a data cable? Get quick troubleshooting tips from our experts to resolve the problem.

    Where is the problem to be located: in phone or in data cable or in a laptop as my phone data is not able to get on the laptop. I want some practical advice which can help me as my phone is flooded with data. I hope you understand that the smart phone is not showing on a laptop but on attaching a data cable the small notice comes that I have attached something but no result.
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  • One should able to connect smart phone and laptop via USB cable without any installation process. In normal course, after connecting the USB we should able to find all the files in the phones and can successfully transmit it to our laptop.

    Just check the connection one more time and if nothing can be found, try connecting it to any other computer. This will help to check the reliability of the USB cable used.

    We need to change the settings of the phone to 'storage'. Just restart both your laptop and mobile and try one more time.

  • Download and install relevant drivers for your smartphone onto your laptop. That should solve the issue.

  • Install the sony pc companion in your computer and install the driver then try to connect your mobile with laptop.

    If above trick does not work then try to find out where problem is. For that purpose, first use the same USB cable and use another cell phone and try to establish connection, this will show you that whether USB cable is working or not.

    Second Enable the USB debugging option and try again. If still not connecting then flash the Xperia device with the help of Xperia flashtool kit, this will definitely help you.

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