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  • What are the top features of Windows 10 Technical Preview?

    Here you can find details and specifications of Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 and it is the successor to Windows 8 but actually it looks much closer to Windows 7. After the failure of Windows 8, this new version of Windows is very important for Microsoft.
    There are the most exciting new feature in Windows 10. So what are the new features of Windows 10 Technical Preview?
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  • These are the features that are present in Windows 10 technical preview:-

    • The task bar contains a search option at right side.

    • The Start menu of Windows 10 can be resized.

    • All apps button is provided in the start menu that will list all the apps in alphabetical order.
    • The start menu contains live tiles that can be resized . The tiles acts as the shortcut to the recently browsed items.

    • You can create shortcut by simply dragging the apps icon to the start menu.

    • Windows 1o supports universal apps that can run on phone ,tablets as well as on PCs.

  • I am trying to put some exciting features of Windows 10 here:-
    1. Re-appearance of START menu for all those who missed it. Better still, it can be resized now.
    2. New task bar which can be used to switch between virtual desktops.
    3. Command prompt now gets keyboard shortcuts.
    4. New Windows explorer. It is now available with share button.
    5. New Universal apps feature.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • 1. Return of Start Menu: For many desktop users, though the iconic Start Menu was less intrusive and a better fit for their workflow. If Microsoft that changed nothing else in Windows 10, the return of the familiar menu would surely have won over many of those who had elected to give Windows 8 a miss.

    2. New Alt+Tab: Switching between applications is something many of us do all the time. In Windows 10, Alt+Tab brings up an updated view of your open windows, with generously sized previews and labels with icons to help you more easily spot what you're looking for. There's also a new Task View button, which provides a clickable overview of all your open windows and desktops.

    3.Multiple Virtual Desktops: Windows 10 is the first version of the OS to come with support for multiple virtual desktops. You can create multiple desktops, and switch and move apps between them with ease. It's convenient for those time when you're working with a particular group of windows, then momentarily need to get off and do something else.

    4.Snap Assist: In Windows 10, this triggers a thumbnail view of your other open windows just click one to have it automatically spring up and fill the remaining space perfectly. Running two applications side by side becomes a awesome experience.

    5. Notification Center: It is not in the Technical Preview, but the leaked videos of unreleased version of Windows 10 shows a new notification center.

    6. Upgraded Command Prompt : This is not for everyone, but for the techies will love that the copy and paste works in the Windows 10 command prompt.

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