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  • What are the features of Xolo Hive UI ?

    Learn more about Xolo Hive user interface and associated features here

    Xolo has launched Xolo Hive UI with new design to budget androids. HIVE UI is currently exclusive to XOLO devices and is currently not available for other mobiles. The user interface comes with several exclusive features, enhancements and customization . So what are new features present in Xolo Hive UI ?
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  • Here are a few features of Xolo Hive UI :-
    The new Xolo Hive UI is based on Android KitKat 4.4 touted as "Made In India, Made For India".
    1. CONNECT
    This is a feature wherein customers can connect with the software development team. It allows the company to get bug reports in real time. This platform allows users to constantly connect, collaborate and share new ideas.
    2. EDGE
    This is a digital content platform for personalization. It connects creative community with HIVE users. It helps artists, musicians and photographers to create ringtones, wallpapers and themes.
    3. Fusion X
    Fusion X is a special app designed for HIVE. It combines video, music and radio into one centralized entertainment entity.
    4. Launcher
    The launcher makes your app management easy. It has filters for easy categorization of your apps. The launcher also carries a touch RAM cleaner.
    5. Controls
    HIVE comes with stylish circular controls that mimic real life actions. Features like Quick settings to alternate between dual SIMs.
    6. Gallery
    Gallery gives distinct album views by source and category, powerful editing tools.

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  • Xolo Hive has a integrated media center which they call Fusion X. FM radio, music player and video tracks are centralized in Fusion X. This is very attractive feature of Xolo Hive UI. The camera is awesome with many photo enhance modes like white balance, exposure etc. The new feature of straight line control option allows to control brightness and volume in easy way. There are many marvelous themes to choose from and the Chameleon Widget is equipped with calendar listings, weather information etc.

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