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  • What to expect in wearable devices for 2015 ?

    Here you can get latest updates on wearable technology in 2015 from popular smartphone makers

    The year 2014 saw some exciting wearable devices from some dominant names in the technology world. The year 2015 will witness some new and improved wearable products. Major brands like Apple, Google, Nike, and Samsung heavily investing in wearable technology to improve it. The design and functionality of the wearable devices of the future will continue to improve rapidly. So what do you expect from wearable technology in 2015 ?
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  • There are a few innovative wearable devices coming up in 2015. Some of them include the following-
    1. Virtual Reality Headsets
    Oculus, Sony and Samsung are coming up with virtual reality headsets. Oculus is presenting itselt at CES 2015. Samsung has plans to new apps and games for the new Gear VR headset.
    2. Clip-On Smartglasses
    Instead of wearing the likes of Google glass whole day, Sony has developed SmartEyeGlass Attach OLED display module that can be clipped on any eyewear to turn it into smart glasses. The device is likely to go on sale in a year.
    3. Smartwatches
    Pebble is also likely coming up with new devices. They are known for reliable functioning and great battery life. Tag Heuer is reportedly announcing a new device. The smartwatch is believed to be powerd by Intel, but no further details available.

    Further innovations are likely in the fields of health, smart clothing and prosthetics as well.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • The details of the expected wearables that might launch in 2015 are listed below.

    1. Sony may launch a Smart Watch this year that was displayed at CES. The price of the smartwatch is not declared yet.
    2. Lenovo will bring in market a smartband named as Vibe Band VB10 that is compatible with any android device running Android 4.4 or higher and with iOS devices. You can get notifications for calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more on the band. The device has a approximate price of Rs 5500.
    3. Garmin will bring in market it's three wearable smartwatch. These are Garmin Vivoactive, Fenix 3 and Epix .
    4. Alcatel's smatwatch will also be available in the market in 2015.
    5. it's expected that Asus will launch three wearable devices in 2015.

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